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The ElaGarden Pixie


Enchant Your Garden With Beautiful Fairies

Want to add a magical touch to your garden? Enhance its beauty by decorating it with our Elagarden Pixie!

The Elagarden Pixie is handmade and beautifully detailed, making it the perfect ornament for your outdoor spaces. It's conveniently designed to sit down on any ledge or tabletop with ease.


Beautiful Design 

 Every inch of the Elagarden Pixie was carefully carved and crafted to perfection. You're left with an eye-catching outdoor decoration piece that anyone will surely enjoy seeing in your garden.


Place Anywhere

The   Elagarden Pixie is designed sitting down. This way, you can position it anywhere without a hassle.


Weatherproof Material

Whether you place it outdoors or in your living room, the  Elagarden Pixie will remain intact and beautiful. This is due to its high-quality and durable material.



Perfect Gift


Our premium  Elagarden Pixie  is a great gift to all your loved ones that have a green thumb. It's a great addition to their already beautiful garden!





Width- 5.3cm Height- 15cm

Durable material made to withstand natural elements

Handcrafted and sculpted, very detailed design

Available colors- Lightcyan and Brown


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